Parking Permits

**Please note, parking permits are non-refundable**

Permit Type

Who Is Eligible?
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Permit fees are non-refundable

Residential Parking 

Residents of Somerville with personal vehicles registered in the city

available for online purchase

Purchase Permits       

$40 up to one year

Visitor Parking 

Residents who would like a permit for their visitors

available for online purchase

Purchase Permits       

$20 per year for 2-day

$40 per year for 3-day

Business Parking   Somerville employers and employees who would like to purchases permits, including for childcare/nanny purposes

 $150 per year for on-street


$100 per month for off-street

Business Parking (Employer Visitor) Somerville businesses that need permits for clients, customers, or short term employees

$200 for 12 months


$50 for 3 months

Consideration Somerville residents planning an event that requires additional parking than currently available via visitor passes, 2-hour only areas, and metered parking  No cost
Handicapped Parking Space Drivers with disabilities who can document the need for a permanent reserved space  No cost
New Resident

An individual moving into Somerville from another Massachusetts town/city or from out of state

available for online purchase

 No cost    

(30 days)

Moving Van/Container/Pod Individuals or moving companies requiring permit/signs for a moving van and/or reserved street space

$40          (1-3 days)

Extended Visitor (up to 30 days)

Residents who already own standard guest permits and would like to purchase a permit for a guest planning an extended stay (3 or more days)

available for online purchase

 $25             (3-7 days) or                $35         (30 days)
Medical Care A caretaker of a resident of Somerville who has medical needs  $40         per year 
Health Care/Home Professional A health care or home professional who routinely visits individuals within Somerville $40           per year
Religious Organization Organizations who would like to provide permits to their patrons $40           per year 
Professional Artist  Artists who maintain working Somerville studio space  $75         per year 
Commercial Vehicle (day use only) Somerville businesses with commercial vehicles registered in Somerville  $50         per year     
Contractor (Buildings)

Contractors working on projects within Somerville with valid building permits

available for online purchase

 $35         per month
Funeral An individual attending a wake or funeral within the city. Multiple permits are available for individuals arranging for services  No charge  
Landlord A Somerville landlord whose primary residence is outside of Somerville  $60           per year
Landlord (10+ Properties) A Somerville landlord whose primary residence is outside of Somerville and who owns 10 or more properties  $100        per year
Landlord Maintenance  A Somerville property owner who needs a permit to provide to their maintenance company  $60         per year
Landlord Viewing  A Somerville landlord who needs a permit to temporarily lend to potential renters while showing a property  $60          per year
Military Parking  Military personnel on orders currently living in Somerville  No charge
Realtor Realtors who show properties in Somerville  $60              per year
Rental Vehicle

Somerville residents temporarily driving a rental car in place of their own

 available for online purchase by Resident Permit holders only

 $20         per year     (30 days); No charge for Resident Permit holders listed as vehicle renter
Residential Commercial Vehicle (Overnight) Somerville residents who drive unmarked commercial vehicles for personal use  $25              per year
Small Event  Residents who are hosting a special event and require additional temporary parking permits  $1 per permit per day          (1-3 days)
Neighborhood Action Request Form (Traffic Calming) Petition for participation in the City of Somerville Neighborhood Traffic Management and Traffic Calming Program  
Private Way Parking Petition (PVT Way) Private way parking restrictions  
Loading Zone Application Application for a loading zone  
Valet Parking Permit Application Issued July 1 to June 30 and must be renewed annually    

Parking Shortage

Somerville is one of the most densely populated cities in New England.  Today, Somerville has more than 11,600 registered vehicles per square mile; roughly 7,600 more cars per square mile than Boston and almost 3,600 more than Cambridge. This means there is one vehicle to every 1.6 Somerville residents.  

It goes without saying that we take traffic and parking policies seriously when it comes to balancing the interests of visitor and business parking against residential concerns.  As a result, Somerville offers an array of visitor parking options (1-, 2-, and 3-hour metered spaces, both on- and off-street, 2-hour thoroughfares and overnight visitor parking in municipal lots on weekends).  So while parking prohibitions and the violations issued to enforce them can be an inconvenience, they are necessary.  If drivers overstay time limits, others can't find a space and businesses suffer due to low turnover.