This fall, the Traffic & Parking Department expanded the types of permits available for online purchase.  Now, in addition to Residential, Visitor and Consideration permits (for special one-day resident events), residents can now request New Resident, Rental Vehicle, Extended or Short-Term Visitor and Contractor Permits on the ParkSomerville website.  Traffic and Parking began selling permits online in January 2013.  The expanded purchase options are part of a larger effort to improve customer service for Somerville residents, visitors and those who work in the city.

"Our commitment to providing accurate, courteous and easy customer service -our ACE Initiative- underlies all that we do in each City department, and Traffic and Parking has made tremendous strides in ensuring that all customers can access services and resources as quickly and efficiently as possible," said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone.  "Constituent feedback has and will continue to help us assess additional changes and upgrades that can be made here and in other departments, helping us serve the Somerville community to the very best of our abilities".


Are you tired of watching your employees feed the meter all day, taking spaces away from your customers?

Are you tired of hearing your employees complain about parking tickets and street sweeping?

If so, apply today for a Business/Employee Parking Permit and leave those worries behind!

 Video Courtesy of the Boston University Communication ADLAB

Traffic and Parking has updated their important parking information for new residents.  Don't get a ticket - be in the know!  

>>To download the brochure, click here.