Parking Meters

The City of Somerville, MA and it's Department of Traffic & Parking has started a new parking meter system on a pilot program basis. Several meters in Davis Square have been updated with this new technology. View the video for more information.

New Parking Meters

Parking in Somerville is going to get easier. Traffic and Parking is installing approximately 15 new pay-by-space parking meters as well as piloting single headed meters that accept credit cards.

When parking at a multi-spaced meter, please locate your space number, identify the nearest pay station, enter your space number and select your payment option according to the directions at the pay station.

What is a Parking Kiosk? Parking Kiosks replace traditional single space meters. At our on street locations one kiosk is typically installed for approximately every 10 parking spaces instead of at every space. In the parking lots one kiosk can service the entire lot.

Why is the City Installing New Multi-Space Parking Meters?

Convenience. The new meters will make parking in Somerville more convenient. Instead of accepting only coins and Parkcards like traditional meters, the pay stations accept coins, Parkcards and credit cards. Now you don't have to worry about having enough change to park!

Environmentally Friendly. The Kiosks run on a battery that is charged by solar power.

Where is the City Installing New Multi-Space Parking Meters?

  • Magoun Square - CVS lot
  • Davis Square - Buena Vista Lot
  • Somerville Ave

Click here for a map of public parking lots in Davis Square.

Click here for instructions on how to use the new parking kiosks.

Hours of Enforcement

Effective Monday through Saturday, 8:00AM - 8:00PM. Parking at meters is free on Sunday and all holidays. Meter rates are $1.00/hour and are sold in increments of .25 cents per 15 minutes. All meter rates and times are written on each meter.

To minimize your chances of being ticketed, you should park in a parking space with an appropriate time limit for your anticipated length of stay. As a general rule, parking spaces located curbside on streets in front of most stores allow for parking up to 2 hours. These parking meters are identified by a yellow band visible on the meter post. Parking meters located in off-street parking lots allow for parking up to 3 hours. All 3-hour meters are identified by an orange band positioned at the top of the meter post.

Please park within the delineated spaces, and avoid parking in handicapped parking spaces, cross walks, loading zones or bus stops. The Parking Control Officers and Somerville Police routinely patrol the commercial area for violators of all city parking regulations.

Click here to see rules and regulations.


What is the ParkCard? The ParkCard is a reprogrammable card that provides a convenient and cashless way to pay for parking at all parking meters. The cards can be carried in your wallet or stored in your vehicle, eliminating the need to carry change for a meter.

Where can I purchase a ParkCard? Where can I add value to an existing ParkCard? City Hall at 93 Highland Ave or Traffic and Parking at 133 Holland St. ParkCards may be purchase for $20 or $50 increments. Money can be added to your card in increments of $20 and $50 at the Traffic and Parking Department.

Does my ParkCard expire after a specified amount of time? No. Because you can re-use the ParkCard as many times as you like, you can use it for as long as there is value on the card.

What if my ParkCard is lost, stolen or damaged? Unfortunately, a lost, stolen, or damaged ParkCard cannot be replaced because the City of Somerville has no way of knowing the value left on the ParkCard, or whether it is being used by someone else. The ParkCard is just like money and should be treated that way.

Where can I use the ParkCard? The ParkCard can be used on most City of Somerville parking meters and municipal parking lots.

What if my ParkCard runs out? Your ParkCard is valid until all of its credit has been used up. To add more value, simply return to Traffic and Parking at 133 Holland St.

What is the cost for metered parking? The cost of parking at a meter in the City of Somerville is generally $1.00 per hour. The hourly rate for parking, as well as the maximum time allowed at each meter, is indicated on a plate visible inside each meter. If for some reason your ParkCard does not work at a particular meter, you should pay the meter fee with coins or go to another meter. A ParkCard that fails cannot be used as an excuse for not paying the meter fee.

How does the ParkCard work at the meter?

  • Insert the ParkCard into the meter with the chip side up
  • The meter will flash the value of the card
  • The meter will deduct from the card the maximum time limit allowed

Can I get a refund if I put too much time on the meter with the ParkCard? Yes, value can be re-added for unused time. Simply re-insert the ParkCard at the meter.

Broken Parking Meters}

If you should notice a parking meter that has been vandalized, or is currently malfunctioning, please report the problem to 311 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . When reporting a meter problem, please provide the meter location and identification number.