Booting & Towing

Booting & TowingConsider the following when your vehicle has been booted:

  • Do you have 5 or more unpaid parking violations that have exhausted their hearing dates?
  • The entire balance owed on a booted vehicle as well as any other vehicle of the owner must be paid in full at Traffic & Parking during regular business hours (no personal checks), online, or using our pay by phone service (1-844-807-9069).
  • After payments are processed, an appearance at our office is required to pick up a release form to use at your vehicle as proof of release.
  • Provided you obtain the vehicle release form, a Pat's Towing (617-776-5810) representative will meet you at your vehicle to remove the boot. The boot fee is an additional $97.00.
  • Your vehicle will be towed after 48 hours if the boot is not removed – the 48 hours time period is only active during our normal business hours. There is an additional $93.00 charged if towed, and there is a $35.00 storage fee per day.
  • You will be responsible for the tow charge and storage at tow facility, payable to Pat's Tow.