Visitor Parking

Goal: Ensure visitors have access to curbside parking in business districts and residential zones.

INTRO---Powder-House-Rotary-WEBWhy are parking controls necessary? Parking controls assure that the on-street parking supply is used in a manner consistent with the adjacent land use and the demand for parking which accompanies that land use.

For example, retail and commercial areas typically have many customers visiting for short periods of time. This means that curbside parking near retail businesses should not be occupied by all day parkers; "turnover" of these parking spaces is needed to provide parking for numerous users throughout the day who frequent our businesses.

Before parking controls are implemented, a study is often conducted to determine what controls will have the greatest benefit for the street or neighborhood.

Parking is not allowed where vehicular or pedestrian safety may be compromised. For example, in street intersections, driveways or where obstructions block the view of motorists or pedestrians, which is very important on narrow Somerville streets.

The Different Tools we Use:

Somerville uses parking meters to manage approximately 2,000 spaces. These spaces are an important asset to the business districts and Somerville is constantly evaluating how to manage these spaces in a manner that benefits motorists, business owners, and, most importantly, residents in a fair and balanced approach.

On-street metered parking offer visitors short-term parking while they shop, dine and conduct business. Most metered spaces are located in the core business districts, major thoroughfares, and surrounding areas, including:

• Ball Square
• Davis Square
• Buena Vista Lot
• Herbert Street Lot
• Grove Street Lots
• Rite Aid Lot
-->Meters: 8am - 8pm (front lot)
-->Business Permit: 8am - 5pm (rear lot)
• Cutter Street Lot
• Highland Ave

• Lower Broadway
• Magoun Square
• CVS lot
-->Meters: 8am - 8pm (front lot)
-->Business Permit: 8am - 5pm (rear lot)
• Teele Square
• Union Square
• Conway Park Lot
• Winter Hill

Click here to view map of handicap parking locations.

Parking Rates/Hours of Enforcement

Parking Rates: $1.00 per hour.

Hours of Enforcement: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, excluding City holidays. Holidays include: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, President's Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day / Day After, and Christmas Day.

Residential parking permit regulations are enforced Monday - Saturday. Safety and right-of-way parking violations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Resident Visitor Permit Parking

Two Visitor Parking permits are available for each household and are meant to be used as short term parking for visitors, not for residents. The permit allows visitors to park on the resident’s street or an adjacent street; it is not valid City-wide.

The rules on the back of the Visitor Parking Permit are strictly enforced. A household that is with or without a vehicle may purchase Visitor Parking Permits.

Click here to download the Visitor Parking Permit Application.

Event Permits

If you are planning an event (not moving into Somerville) and expecting to need more parking than is normally available in the area, you may purchase event permits. Your guests will be required to abide by the rules enforced when using an event permit. The temporary hang tag will display the location, date and time the permit is valid. Applications must be submitted at least one business day in advance. The cost of each permit is $1.00.

Consideration: If you are having an special home event with multiple visitors you can submit a request for consideration to prevent your visitors from receiving a ticket.

Consideration is not for long term parking or re-occurring events. Consideration requests must be submitted in writing, either by letter, fax (617.628.6675), or on-line form. Requests must include applicant's name, telephone number, and reason for request; and location, dates and hours of consideration requested.

Parking consideration applies ONLY to Residents who already have visitor parking permits. This cannot be used if you are moving into the city and are seeking a Resident Parking Permit. ALL other restrictions will continue to be enforced.

Requests must be submitted at least two full business days prior to the dates of consideration and must be approved by the Parking Clerk.

Upon approval of your consideration request, you will receive an email with a copy of the approval attached. If you do not receive one call 617.625.6600 x7900.

Consideration requests received between noon on Friday and Monday 8:00 am will not be approved until Monday afternoon.

You can now apply online for consideration for your event. Your request will automatically be submitted to the Traffic and Parking Department.

To request parking consideration, contact Suzanne Rinfret, Director of Traffic and Parking.
Phone: 617.625.6600 x7910
Fax: 617.628.6675
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Mail: 133 Holland Street Somerville, MA 02143

Other Visitor Permits include:
Extended Visitor
New Resident
Rental Car
Wake/ Funeral
Religious Organization
Health Care Professional
Service Provider

Click here for more information on these permits.