Residential Permit Parking Program

Resident ParkingApply for a Resident Parking and Visitor Permit.

About the Program: Residential Permit Parking began after residents complained that they were being were forced to park in distant or unsafe areas due to parking congestion in their neighborhood. In January 2010, the program was expanded citywide. At the time, surveys suggest that vehicle congestion in the City could be directly linked to the number of residents living in neighborhoods combined with their visitors, commuters, and others who saturate residential neighborhoods while they work at nearby hospitals, visit friends, work in one of our many commercial districts, and/or utilize our public transportation, such as the MBTA stop in Davis Square.

By partially limiting visitor access to curbside parking (2 days a week and Sundays), combined with vigorous enforcement, the residential parking program has freed up on-street parking for neighborhood residents while eliminating the problem of commuters dumping their cars on neighborhood streets. Similar programs exist in Boston, Cambridge, and Brookline.

All vehicles principally garaged in Somerville for more than 30 days are required to purchase a residential permit parking sticker if they wish to have access to on-street parking outside their home.

In order to accommodate household visitors, each household may purchase 2 visitor parking passes (valid for 2 days per week - plus Sundays).