Frequently Asked Questions

page-faqHow do I apply for a visitor permit-parking placard?

Visit Traffic and Parking at 133 Holland Street with your registration and insurance forms showing your car is both registered and garaged in Somerville. Please also bring a recent utility bill showing your current address. (If you haven't received a utility bill yet, you can bring a letter from a utility stating that you are receiving services at the address.), an apartment lease is not acceptable.

What if I get a new car can I use my resident visitor permit?

Stickers CANNOT be transferred to another vehicle. They are only valid for the vehicle they were issued to.

How do I renew my visitor parking permit?

To renew or purchase a resident permit you may log onto the website at please follow the instructions or download an application and mail in or come in person to 133 Holland Street with your registration showing your vehicle is both registered and garaged in Somerville, also please bring proof of residency for Somerville.

Where do we place the permit parking placard?

For higher visibility, please place your sticker in the bottom corner of the FRONT WINDSHIELD, DRIVER’S SIDE. If you already put your sticker on your back window, please bring your vehicle to Traffic and Parking at 133 Holland Street, and we will remove the old sticker and provide you with a new one at no cost.

Why do my guests need a visitor permit parking placard?

Somerville has City-wide permit parking to ensure that residents of the City are able to find on-street parking spaces. Residents are entitled to receive two VISITOR CARDS per household. Visitor permits are valid in the direct vicinity of the residential address and are valid up to 2 or 3 days per calendar week.

How much does a permit-parking sticker cost?

Permit-parking stickers for 2018/2019 cost $40, but are free for residents 65 and older or with a valid HP plate or placard.

My relatives are visiting for a week what kind of permit do they need?

Extended Visitor passes are available for guests visiting from out of Somerville. A 7-day pass is $25 and a 30-day pass is $35.

My car is being repaired and I have a rent a car what type of permit do I need?

A Rental Car pass allows a resident to park in the city with a rental car. It is valid for up to 30 days. The permit is free to residents that possess a valid resident permit. Rental permits are issued to residents without a current permit at a cost of $20/month.

I have multiple contractors working on my house what type of permit is required for parking?

Contractor passes are available for $35 and are valid for 31 days. This pass is for contractors performing services at properties in the City; passes are available for one address or multiple addresses (Valid building permits are required).

I work at a business in Somerville where can I park?

You may purchase a Business Parking Permit.

Please specify the hours needed:

  • 1st Shift (8am-6pm)
  • 2nd Shift (6pm-3:30am)
  • Other (based on specific need, 10hr maximum)


The price for a Business Parking permit varies by location:

  • On-Street Parking (non-refundable $150.00 per year)
  • Brooks Drug Parking Lot ($100.00 per month)
  • Buena Vista Parking Lot ($100.00 per month)
  • Grove St Parking Lot ($100.00 per month)
  • Magoun Square Parking Lot (non-refundable $150.00 per year)