Complete Streets Program

Complete Streets ProgramTraffic and Parking is not just focused on parking and parking enforcement. Safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists is a top priority. We promote an attractive and safe transportation experience for all, whether you are commuting to work using public transportation, or walking your children to school in one of our walking school busses.

Promoting Safety and Transit: The Pedestrian Program envisions Somerville as becoming the most walkable city in New England, with the mission of promote walking as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation and to reduce pedestrian collisions in Somerville.

The Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge is a competition between Boston-region workplaces to see who can have the highest proportion of staff participate in the last-Friday-of-the-month Walk/Ride Days from April - October.  For more information, click here or go to

The Traffic Calming Program uses innovative tools to address speeding, reckless driving and traffic spillover from main arterials to local roads that, and vigorously supports the installation of Traffic Calming Tables. However, due to the cost of traffic control devices, Traffic and Parking supports the installation of Traffic Calming Tables on a priority basis throughout the City.

Currently, funding and installation of Traffic Calming Tables is processed either through the Department of Public Works (DPW) annual street resurfacing program or through funding from the Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development's (OSPCD) Safe Start Program.

The Bicycle Program's vision is to make Somerville the New England city with the highest per-capita bicycle use and to have a continually improving bicycle network that is safe and convenient for everyone who chooses to bicycle for transportation and recreation. Click here to view the location of bike lanes throughout our city. Click here for information about the Bicycle Committee.

The School Area Safety Program strives to make streets near Somerville's public and private schools safer for walking, bicycling and public transportation. As a result, we ask that you respect the signs for drop off and pick up zone around Somerville Public Schools, as well as the State and City's No Idiling regulations.