About ParkSomerville

About ParkSomervilleCommitment: Achieving an exceptional quality of life for residents and visitors through more sustainable travel practices, safer streets and outstanding access to our neighborhoods and squares.

Mission: Develop and maintain a cohesive, sustainable transportation system that delivers safe, affordable, and convenient ways to move people and goods—while protecting and enhancing the natural, environmental and cultural resources of Somerville.

Responsibilities: Ensuring the safe, orderly, and controlled flow of traffic throughout the City by enforcing the City's parking regulations through; engineering analysis, maintaining traffic signals, roadway signs, balancing competing parking needs, and parking meters. T&P coordinates with various city departments, as well as state and local entities, on matters related to traffic and parking, as well as pedestrian and bicycle safety measures. T&P works with the City's Traffic Commission to develop fair and balanced traffic and parking rules and regulations.

T&P's Guiding Principal; The Customer Comes First.
We aim to:

  • Improve the quality of life and safety for residents and businesses through the effective management of transportation resources
  • Balance the diverse needs of residents, businesses, artists, non-profits, communities of faith, and the out-of-town visitors who help to enhance our vibrant City
  • Use technology to improve customer interactions and efficiency
  • Increase the accessibility/availability of parking
  • Increase Transparency: T&P revenue is used to fund the Somerville public schools, public safety and emergency (fire, police, etc), clean and repave streets, and build and maintain our many parks and playgrounds


T&P is also responsible for:

  • Advising the Traffic Commission and formulating Traffic Regulations
  • Painting crosswalks and bike lanes
  • Enforcing Street Sweeping and Snow Emergency parking prohibitions
  • Transportation and parking signage through the city
  • Vehicle booting and towing, and working with the Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • Traffic advisories and Traffic Plans for construction and street repaving projects
  • Parking for people with disabilities and handicap parking


Why is all this necessary? Somerville is the most densely populated city in New England, with more than 11,600 registered vehicles per square mile, which comes out to roughly 7,600 more than Boston and almost 3,600 more than Cambridge. So it is no secret that Somerville suffers a parking shortage. Because of this, parking rules and regulations are necessary to ensure public safety and curbside parking availability.

Thus, much of what T&P does every day is devoted to balancing the competing parking needs of residents, visitors, and business - each group has legitimate expectations of access to curbside parking, yet the density and parking shortages ensure that everyone must compromise.